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UIGJIOG Humanes anatomisches Modell männlicher und weiblicher Harnröhren -Katheterisierungssimulator -Kit -Lehrmodell für Medizinstudenten oder Katheterisierungsmodell für Krankenschwestern

Preis: 318,49 €

It is constructed according to the physical structure of real people with a high degree of simulation and behaves like a real human body. Catheterization can be performed. It has the characteristics of real operation and powerful function.
The product is made of imported PVC plastic material and made by mold casting process. It has the characteristics of lifelike image, real operation, convenient disassembly and assembly, reasonable structure and durability.
The abdomen can be opened, with anatomy of the intestine and bladder. The model was designed with reference to the anatomical structure of male female internal and external genitalia. The inside of the genital is fixed by screws, which is firm and easy to replace.
Applicable to clinical teaching, teaching and practical training of students in higher medical schools, nursing colleges, occupational health colleges, clinical hospitals and primary health units.
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