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Herbal Prostate Patch,Prostate Care Patch, Male Prostate Health Treatment Navel Patch,Prostate Health Bladder Patches,Herbal Prostate Paste,Reduce Frequent Bladder Health (1 Box)

【Herbal Prostate Patch】: Prostate care patch can relieve waist and leg pain caused by renal edema, improve function and reduce stress. Helps promote healthy urination and prostate health.
【Improved Quality of Life】: Living with frequent bathroom breaks can be embarrassing and stressful. Maintaining normal prostate function may help reduce nighttime bathroom trips, and you’ll wake up feeling more rested.
【Comfortable and breathable】: This prostate navel patch is made of non-woven fabric that does not irritate the skin. You only need to stick the plaster on the navel and use it before going to bed at night, and the effect will get better and better after long-term use.
【Safe and Harmless】: Herbal prostate patches are made of safe materials, the patch will not cause harm to the human body even if it is used for a long time, and has no side effects at all, so you can use it with confidence.
【How to Use】: Lightweight and portable. To use this prostate treatment patch, first clean and dry the skin, then apply the prostate patch to your navel. It can be used at home or work, or worn as you continue your daily activities.